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For a business of 20+ employees

As a Transformer you are an industry leader investing in personal and professional development for the whole company and require specific business introductions. You find genuinely helping others rewarding and will give time to share your experience and foresight on the right speaking platforms. You are looking to be active in a diverse and progressive business community and participate in innovative events to encounter new people and ideas and to learn from the experiences of others.

Norfolk Network - Transformer Membership

Subscription options

£52.00 monthly / £560.00 yearly

Membership includes

  • Onboarding to learn about the company, relevant introductions and speaking interests
  • High value introductions
  • 3 free tickets per event (can be for a guest on request) for keynote talks, thought leadership talks, panel-led discussions, workshops, roundtable discussions
  • Speaking opportunities for a wide range of experience
  • The Friday Email, a weekly update to members sharing news and celebrating achievements
  • A listing in the Norfolk Network online directory of membership
  • Eligibility for an exclusive £12,000 MBA Scholarship to study part-time at Norwich Business School
  • Access to an extensive network of specialists at UEA for research insights, graduate level skills, innovation consultancy and funding.

Become a Norfolk Network Transformer

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